Morningside Recovery in Orange County, CA

Morningside Recovery located in beautiful Newport BeachLocated in Orange County, CA, Morningside Recovery has all the options for you to get off drugs and alcohol forever.

Located off the beautiful Pacific coast, Morningside Recovery offers a beautiful escape from the hectic life that may have driven you to substance abuse and psychological illness. If you are looking for a drug program at a California Rehab Clinic, Newport Beach, CA is the city you want to visit. Morningside Recovery has many facilities including extended stay, outpatient treatment, outdoor activities, diet and nutrition and much more.

Program Overview

Our drug rehabilitation treatment center offers a unique approach to resolving issues that lead to substance abuse. During the rehabilitation process, your health is our main concern. After the physiological effects of withdrawal have diminished, we can begin the healing process. Our goal through dual-diagnosis treatment is to treat the psychological disorder or trauma that led you to take drugs or abuse alcohol in the first place. Through this process we can treat long standing issues that have affected you mentally and physically.

After careful rehabilitation and dual-diagnosis treatment, we can begin to rebuild you into a working member of society. We have a wealth of programs that allow you to find a track for education, art and a career that you may have always dreamed of. We work with art schools, Orange County schools, universities and vocational institutes in an effort to provide you every option available.

We also offer outdoor activities to help you find alternatives to substance abuse. Many of our graduates take on rock climbing, kayaking, community sports, hiking, camping, nature walks, beach retreats, and other activities we show them while they stay with us. We are located in a diverse natural location where you can experience all these activities and more. Between our physical activities and art programs, you are sure to find something you’ll love.

If you are looking for a drug program that works, then visit our California rehab clinic located in Orange County, CA. Morningside Recovery has everything you need to get better. We will work with you and your family to find the proper solution to your drug addiction or mental illness.

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Morningside Recovery is a drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health recovery center located in Newport Beach, California. Morningside Recovery is dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment with the most qualified staff in our field. With many beautiful locations right on the coast of Southern California, Morningside Recovery provides a tranquil, serene atmosphere for recovery. We believe everyone deserves a chance at long term recovery


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